Suzhou, one of the most beautiful Shanghai’s neighbourhood city

Located in Shanghai’s west side, at 30 min from Hongiqiao Station, Suzhou is a beautiful city, populated by 6 Million Chinese’s people. The city is well-known for its canals, bridges and classic gardens. With 5 others Smiens, we have decided to experience a new journey in our trip. Starting the day at 7:30am, we left the Yuyuan hotel and walk until the metro station. After 1-hour travel, we arrived to the train station. It was a little bit difficult to find out the right dock in the giant railway station, china’s station are quite different: everything is big related to population. But it seems very different in terms of services. Station’s employees are involved are devoted in their jobs and in helping customers to find their ways.

Arriving at Suzhou, we were able to compare both city (Shanghai and Suzhou). Suzhou is built based on modern infrastructure and designed space. It is more clam and relax comparing to Shanghai, the china’s economic capital. We travelled across the city and we have made a long walk in a large garden parsled of temple, bridge and lake. It was wonderful to see all cherry trees hatched at the same time. The journey finished by visiting some malls of stores, restaurants, cinemas…


We enjoyed visiting the city and its game us the opportunity to breath a fresh air, far away from Shanghai’s activity. In my opinion, China’s country has a powerful culture which is still present in mentalities and way of thinking. As an example, Suzhou is both dynamic and calm where families loved to come in family, with grandparents.


Written by Camille Rollin

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