An amazing experience : Skydiving at San Diego

During our trip in United State, inside San Diego city, we have decided with Paul to jump from the sky and experience a new thing. Since few times, we had the idea to skydive in San Diego due to the view and the wonderful landscape. So, in a free week-end we have decided to take the step….and jump !!!

We went to SkyDive San Diego is the region’s only full-service parachute center. Located on a private airport dedicated to skydiving, the center is located just 25 minutes from downtown San Diego. Everything started by a long preparation: the employees started by equipped us with a skydive jacket and told us every information needed to jump successfully. We had to wait for few moments the plane, and then it had been there, we walked to the plane and started to fly on air.

“I personally felt stressed by this event because it is not a usual experience to do and it was unforgettable, either by the sensation felt, and the landscape saw. When I am entering in the plane, I was under pressure and until 10,000 feet and I felt the same sensation. But when we started to join our tandem and wait to be at the minimum height, I was really exiting to jump and sense all sensations to fall. So, we walk into the plane, with Dustin, and at that moment I saw the land beneath us, and we jump into the emptiness at an altitude of 13,000 feet which means your freefall will last approximately one minute and the parachute flight will be from 5 to 7 minutes. The sensation of freefall is more like flying than falling, and the parachute flight is quiet and inspiring. I known that something is happening. It was absolutely amazing, and I really encourage others to do it because it is the most valuable and wonderful experience I enjoy doing. I think you cannot feel the same sensation on Earth, because during the fly, you felt extradinarly small behind those enless landscape. ”.

“For me this experience is unforgettable. From the moment at which we arrived and the moment when we get up in the plane I was pretty calm. The weather was with us, a beautiful sun at the middle of a perfect blue sky. When the plane accelerated and climbed into the sky I started to feel stress coming through my legs, but the instructor created a perfect comforting atmosphere and I overcame stress by excitement of what was coming. It was THE time to jump when we reach 13000 ft altitude, the path to the plane’s door appeared to be slowing down, I was feeling the fresh air coming speedily on my skin and the noise was pervasive. We JUMP from the plane and the first seconds of free fall were like entering a new world, you feel everything in slow motion whereas your body falls quickly, it’s like began a world with 100% body awareness, you feel everything, your heartbeats in your head, your difficult breaths, the weight of your body. Now, after 1 minute of free fall which appeared as 1hour, the instructor opened parachute and we took the time to enjoy the view. On one side Tijuana and the other side San Diego, the landscape was awesome and it was thrilling to be at this elevation. To characterize this experience, it was in the top 3 of mine.” To see more, go to the link below :

Ecrit par Camille ROLLIN et Paul CALVET

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