For a better understanding of the finance game with a great coach : Larry Gonzales

During our trip in San Diego, we had the chance to attend a finance course with Larry Gonzales, a powerful responsible of most of the LLC in San Diego, and at the same time financial teacher. We started his course by learning knowledge about USA financial position. It was really interesting to understand about why USA are now in trouble and how they are acting to overcome the internal crisis. We saw since the beginning, he is involved and concerned by the direction that Trump take. Afterwards, his course was always better than the first time. He learned many things as how financial market runs, time value of money, bond valuation, systematic risk, financial statement and analysis…. In five weeks, we leaernt only a quick overview of all elements which composed financial accounting and statement of a company.

But one thing impressed us all together : Larry has an extraordinary amount of knowledge and we saw that he enjoy share it with us. He is devoted to answer at each question we asked him. Sometimes, understanding all terms was a little bit difficult. Indeed, because Larry is so passionate about his subject, he has succeeded in opening our thoughts to new dimensions in order to let us understand the challenges of finance.


Ecrit par Camille Rollin

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