San Diego Courthouse

On Tuesday 23th January of 2018, we went all together in the Hall of Justice and in the new Courthouse. The Hall of Justice was completed in March, 1996 and it is occupied principally by the Superior Court’s Civil Independent Calendar courts. The new courthouse, which opened in late 2017, provides the court’s central court district with a full-service.

During this short justice’s overview, we were confronted to new world with many vocabulary terms very interesting. In the first part on the visit, we played a trial and each one had a role according to a scenario. The script was about two kinds that have been caught by a policeman during a drug transaction. And the goal of the trial was to determine who was guilty. It was exciting and appealing because we had never done something like that. It was also funny how much it could be difficult for lawyers to defend their clients and for the jury to vote in order to decide the final outcome.

In the second half of our journey, we were free to go everywhere we were allowed and attend to some trial. Most of us had chosen to go in the federal room, where people are judged for the act of violence. We were absolutely amazed behind the psychological power that own lawyer to burst the true from what the witness is talking about. As French student, we saw the difference between French and American trial because here in USA the law is widely respected behind God. And lying behind God and law is the worst thing to do.


Ecrit par Camille Rollin

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