First Step in our American Trip

At our arrival, we were lost about what will be this American trip. Since few day, we have already taken the lead and started to experience our American life. And we do it very well. Exactly the time I am talking, I am in front of a wonderful landscape up to a hill. It is amazing how this country could be beautiful. And now we understand why USA is so popular: Everything is biggest than other countries: campus, food, events, buildings…

French people are not used to be in a so great place, but it sounds to be meaningful. As a team, we roamed the street and looked for some place to visit. Little Italy, Seaport district were two places loved by everyone. Indeed, at the sunset the view seemed like a heaven dream when the sun touches the sea surface with bright colour. Added to this point, the warm atmosphere and the gentle wind. We are still finding out other American places and cultural background.


Ecrit par Camille ROLLIN

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