Des nouvelles de notre ami Jim Warne

“Hello, I am sorry I do not speak French.  A friend from Paris, Jean-Pierre Bruneau, suggested that I submit my film, “7th Generation”, A Documentary Film to your Amiens Film Festival.  Jean-Pierre and I met at the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival in Louisiana, US last January.  Jean-Pierre was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award and I was honored with the Inspiration Award at the festival.  Jean-Pierre shared that you have value for American Indian films and stories.

I also screened my film with a group of French students studying abroad here in the US.  They are part of the SMI […].  I have lectured on American Indian Perspectives for several years with SMI.

I have also copied the SMI staff in hopes they can provide support to have my film accepted into your film festival.  Their testimony is attached and some examples are below.  The SMI website:

It would be an honor to be accepted into the Amiens Film Festival.  Please review my website for more information about my work in Indian Country and my film, “7th Generation”.

Pilamaya Tok’sa (thank you take care),”

Bande annonce de son film : 7th Generation Film

Voici un petit souvenir de sa rencontre avec nos SMIens :

Photo de Groupe - Jim Warnes

SDSU American Language Institute French Intercultural Management Semester:

“A lot of lessons have to be learned from this man and his movie, how Native Americans see the future and want the best for the ‘7th generation’. A true message of hope and peace that anyone in the world can take as an example.” ~ Loïc BENEYTO

“7th Generation… highlights a story often misunderstood for us as Europeans. A mix between humanity, emotion and solidarity” ~ Maxime GARCIA – Andy ROUSSEAUX

“As a French student… I was surprised how one person can explain very well what happened… I could feel the heart in his words… With this lesson of life, humanism, equality I recommend to listen to this messenger of peace.” ~ Alexandre PUTNIK

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